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MyLifeMD offers both individual services and live group seminars. Individual services typically run ~ 6 separate one hour sessions while Live Group Events are 2 day weekend seminars that provide rapid learning & are offered various weekends throughout the year subject to availability.

“Dear Dr. George-Zavala, I can’t thank you enough for the advice you gave me four years ago when I was deciding where to go to medical school. While the decision I ultimately made was my own, it was an educated choice based on the valuable  insight you provided me, and I am truly grateful. I am now a (pretty happy) resident at an excellent training program that I’d never thought I’d be able to get into, but here I am – and it all started with the help and encouragement you gave me as a budding physician all those years ago. Thank you so much!”

A Georgia Medical Student-turned-San Francisco Resident Physician

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