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Falling In Love Consciously

Falling in Love is great. But, are you doing it consciously or unconsciously. One of the biggest things I like to ask my clients is “Are You Conscious?” We can all float through life unconsciously. If that applies to you, don’t feel bad, it happens to most people. When we start to understand that falling in love is really a mechanism of our subconscious need to feel familiar, we begin to understand why we are so intensely attracted to certain individuals. Now this can be good or it can be very bad. For those people who find it is a bad thing, then you may need help to understand what your brain is doing and how to avoid doing the same things again. Even if you have never been in a relationship, approaching it consciously will help you avoid getting into a bad relationship. Visit our dating reset program to find out how you can systematically learn the principles of health and happiness and apply that to finding a healthy relationship. If you are already in a relationship, bad or good, find out from our couples lifestyle design to take your relationship from bad to amazing.

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